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Local groups celebrate completion of eight new affordable homes

Posted by Moab Premier Properties on July 7, 2015
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Open houses on June 26 celebrated the completion of several new homes for very low- and low-income Moab residents. Six newly completed townhomes were built through the “sweat equity” program of the Housing Authority of Southeastern Utah (HASU) and two new straw bale homes were constructed by Community Rebuilds.

Officials with both organizations said that while local land prices and rent continue to rise, their groups continue to work to provide safe, affordable housing for the Moab community.

“Housing is one of four basic needs: Food, water, air, and shelter,” said Community Rebuilds’ Executive Director Emily Neihaus. “The combination of expensive land, low-paying service industry jobs, and busied construction industry creates an economic system where families in Moab cannot afford much of the available housing stock.”

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